The True Face Of Islam !! Must Watch!!

True Face Of Islam !! Must Watch!!

Raised as a radical Wahabi Muslim in Saudi Arabia. Al Badi who is now a Christian has made it his lifes work to expose th true face of Islam. He speaks about his new book, written with other former Muslims entitled The Qur’an Dilemma.

Raised in a country in which he was thought each and every day at school. That both Christians and Jews are the enemy of Islam. Al Badi starts off by pointing out that there is no such thing as a Jew or Christian from Saudi Arabia. Both faiths and their churches are banned in the country.

With anyone caught promoting or taking part in religious ceremonies form either faith, could find themselves losing their citizenship, being put in jail or even losing their life!

While on the other hand we have Saudi money pouring into Europe, US and other western nations. Using their petro dollar power the pay for the construction of mosques and the spread of Islam in the Christian nations. All sanctioned by western governments who are cohoots with the Saud family dictatorship.

Who having signed the Barcelona agreement in 1995. Which paved the wave for the masses of Islamic migrants we now see flooding into the European Union  and other parts of the west, signed following the oil crisis at the time. Wit the oil producing nations forcing the western goverments to sign off on allowing and influx of Muslims into their countries.

Do not be friends with Christians and Jews for they are friends of eachother

– Chapter 5 verse 51 – Qur’an

Al Badi talks about his own decision to travel to the west and spread the word of Mohammed. He also talks about knowing some members of the Bin Laden family. As well what started him on the road from converting from his radical Islamic ideology to the Christain faith.

And all round fascinating story from a man who turned away from radicalisation.