Tommy Robinson / The Martin Serlner Speech / Violence in the Park | Speakers Corner

Tommy Robinson Delivers Martin Serlner’s Speech at Speakers Corner

In an event which was pretty much completely ignored by the mainstream media in the UK. Former EDL leader and anti Islam activist Tommy Robinson was in attendance at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. Delivering a Freedom of Speech letter, written by the leader of Generation Identity in Austria Martin Selner. An organisation which is trying amongst other things to stop the migrant flow into Europe.

Selner who was orignially scheduled to give a speech himself at Speakers Corner. But was detained along with his girlfriend when they tried to enter the UK. When the border authorities used anti Terrorism legislation in order to prevent Selner from entering the country. With the belief that his attendance at the Corner may inflame tensions and cause public disturbance.

So Robinson took it on himself to deliver the speech which Selner wrote during his detention by the UK authorities.

A large amount of police were in attendance at the park and there were several instances of violence. A portion of the Muslims in attendance were determined to make sure Tommy Robinson did not give his speech. But they were heavily outnumbered by the supporters of Robinson and the free speech activists.

In the end Robinson managed to read out the entire speech to a mainly welcoming crowd. So by all accounts the exercise was  a success.

Tommy Robinson Returning to the Corner

At a secure location later in the day after leaving the park with his personal security detail.  Robinson said in an interview that he will consider attending at Speakers Corner every Sunday. Presumably in the hope that more people will  attend and awareness of his anti Islam movement will grow.

What if anything the UK authorities might do in order to prevent such a regular event happening is anyone’s guess. Having already stopped Selner, along with his girlfriend Britttany Pettibone. Who was entering the country to interview Robinson.

And documentary filmmaker Lauren Southern. Who was accused of inciting hatred after she partook in a social experiment in Luton outside North London. Where she along with others pretended to be farleft activists. With literature asking if Allah may have been gay?

We will be following developments closely as this story no doubt develops.