British Muslim Children Being Taught to Hate us – A must see!

British Muslim children being Taught hate.

British Muslim Children Being Taught to Hate Non Believers

Undercover footage recorded in an award winning private British Muslim school. Which opened the lid on hate preaching being taught to it’s students. The producers of the television programme managed to get one of their undercover people into the scholl as a volunteer.

The volunteer in question was allowed to sit in on certain classes, but not the Islamic teachings class. And so, the operative managed to sneak in a number of hidden cameras into the classroom before class began. Recording the actual lectures being given to the young students.

At one point we see a very young teacher, who it’s assumed is an older student at the school. Who is instructing the younger students about how they should interact with non Muslims. Who he refers to using the derogatory term Kuffar.

Throughout the programme we repeatedly see children being beaten and kicked by their teachers. Along with being reprimanded for not having Islamic enough hair cuts or appearance.

We hear from an expert on hate preaching who breaks down what excactly is being taught. But, we do not need someone to explain what you can hear with your very own ears.

British Muslim Children taught.Then later on in the programme, when the students return from their holidays. Are lectured to by a much older and experienced teacher. Who after their time away from the school informs them they need to fre themsleves from the Shaytan or Satan society. Stating that the Kuffar or non-Muslims have brought out many things. And these young impressionable students need to free themsleves from the slavery.

The teacher asks what he means by slavery and is replied to by a student who states “mind control.” This he says is the Kuffar’s way of enslaving these young children into the Western way of living.

Promoting Tolerence and Harmony

We find out that in it’s last  review by the British schools authority. The school received high praise for promoting tolerence and harmony in society. However, in just one of the examples we see. The teacher informs the students that they must “hate” the non muslim elements of the society they live in.

Visitors to the school have included The Lord Mayor, Chief Constable and several MP’s. Who have all praised the establishment!

However an expert on the topic states that Britain is on a path to full-scale social separation and segregation. And unless it is tackled right now, we will reap the whirlwind.

Tommy Robinson / The Martin Serlner Speech / Violence in the Park | Speakers Corner

Tommy robinson at speakers corner.

Tommy Robinson Delivers Martin Serlner’s Speech at Speakers Corner

In an event which was pretty much completely ignored by the mainstream media in the UK. Former EDL leader and anti Islam activist Tommy Robinson was in attendance at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. Delivering a Freedom of Speech letter, written by the leader of Generation Identity in Austria Martin Selner. An organisation which is trying amongst other things to stop the migrant flow into Europe.

Selner who was orignially scheduled to give a speech himself at Speakers Corner. But was detained along with his girlfriend when they tried to enter the UK. When the border authorities used anti Terrorism legislation in order to prevent Selner from entering the country. With the belief that his attendance at the Corner may inflame tensions and cause public disturbance.

So Robinson took it on himself to deliver the speech which Selner wrote during his detention by the UK authorities.

A large amount of police were in attendance at the park and there were several instances of violence. A portion of the Muslims in attendance were determined to make sure Tommy Robinson did not give his speech. But they were heavily outnumbered by the supporters of Robinson and the free speech activists.

In the end Robinson managed to read out the entire speech to a mainly welcoming crowd. So by all accounts the exercise was  a success.

Tommy Robinson Returning to the Corner

At a secure location later in the day after leaving the park with his personal security detail.  Robinson said in an interview that he will consider attending at Speakers Corner every Sunday. Presumably in the hope that more people will  attend and awareness of his anti Islam movement will grow.

What if anything the UK authorities might do in order to prevent such a regular event happening is anyone’s guess. Having already stopped Selner, along with his girlfriend Britttany Pettibone. Who was entering the country to interview Robinson.

And documentary filmmaker Lauren Southern. Who was accused of inciting hatred after she partook in a social experiment in Luton outside North London. Where she along with others pretended to be farleft activists. With literature asking if Allah may have been gay?

We will be following developments closely as this story no doubt develops.

Welcome to Islamist Europe

Islam migrant crisis Europe.

migrant crisis Europe.

Islam in Europe and What the future Holds – Islamist Europe

What does the future hold for Europe on a continent which is changing before our very eyes. As we watch with a feeling of helplessness, as our governments all but invite mass uncontrolled migration. And with that ultimately the spread of Islam across the continent.

While some countries do finally appear to have had enough of the EU’s open door policy to anyone who can make land. Even those who simply have to make their way just off the coast of North Africa. To be picked up and ferried to hundreds of kilometres back to Europe. One might think that Europe had lost it’s mind.

Caught between trying to help those in need, fleeing war and persecution. The steady stream of migrants now entering soverign countries had turned into a tidal wave. With the UN’s own figures showing that up to 97% plus being economic migrants.

As Europeans we do want to help others. But that does not mean that we can simply allow millons of people from the third world to freely flow into the continent. It will end badly for us and for them. These people need to be helped where they live, for their own countires to be built up and prosper. And not for them to come looking to Europe with an outstretched hand.

If the EU does not change it’s migration policy in the very near future. It itself, may cause it’s very own demise, as it collapses from within.

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