Outrage at Kilkenny mosque meeting

Kilkenny Mosque meeting erupts.

Mosque Meeting in Kilkenny Ireland Sparks Outrage By Local People

Local people in Kilkenny Ireland attended a meeting to discuss the building of a mosque in the city. Tensions flared between those who oppose and members of the Islamic community. Who wish to build their 5 million euro centre adjacent to the local town shopping centre.

The one question people have to ask themsleves is where is the financing coming for these mosques? During the peak of the migrant crisis in 2016. Saudi Arabia, one of the richest Arab nations, did not take any migrants within it’s borders. Yet offered to build 120 mosques across Germany for the new arrivals?

We are seeing more and more of a push for the local indigenous population of europe to open up to mass immigration. Ireland 2040, a proposal by the government discusses a potential 1 million new citizens being added to the naton over the next 20 years. Yet, has not discussed or offered any information on who these people are, or where these new arrivals will come from? (The Barcelona declaration)

‘This is Kilkenny, not Mecca’:

Angry opposition to mosque proposal Angry scenes marred a public-information meeting. About a planned mosque that took place in Kilkenny on Thursday evening. Most of the audience members who made comments said they opposed the planned €5 million development. Which includes a mosque, community hall, library, accommodation, halal shop and cafe.

They said it might be close to a burial ground and could have a negative effect on local traffic and parking. John McGuinness’s brother Eugene, who lives in the area, said to applause:

I have walked to every door in this area, all the housing estates, and 99.9 per cent of people do not want this building to go ahead.”

His objection was to do with planning, not religion, he added. Deputy John McGuinness called for calm and explained. That if people present wanted to make an objection they could do so. He said that the closing date for objections was April 19.

If anyone would like to know what one small city, which started out with just one mosque, looks like after a few decades. Simply go to Luton in the UK, which now has 25 mosques spread across it’s buroughs. Women walking the streets in full face veil. And no integration with the local community. This is the future for Kilkenny and Ireland.

HORRIFIC Undercover Footage From Inside a UK Mosque!

Mosque Islamist Europe undercover.

Mosque Undercover Shocking Footage From UK!

In some absolutely unbelieveable footage shot undercover in a UK mosque. We get to see and hear what is being taught under the very noses and next door to British citizens.

Right in the heart of England, young children are being indcotrinated to kill the non Muslim. To stone the adultress to death. And to look upon non Muslims as the devil.

These Mosques are breeding hate for people who do not follow the ideology. And making a mockery of both the British people, western values and culture. These people have been imported to the country enmasse. Then turn around and try to undermine the very democracy and nation state which opened the dor and allowed them in.

This woman goes on to say that whatever Allah loves, we must love. And whatever he hates, we must hate. And that this includes all non muslims. Especially when you are living in their country.

You Cannot be Friends with Them

To be friends with them is not allowed, she goes on to say. You can work with them but not be friends.

She goes on to say that this idea of us all being together is false. And does not work. That we are all part of humanity, this concept is a lie, it’s fake and it’s a farce.

This kind of teaching is taking place right under the noses of authorities. And the sad thing about it is that if you are a devout Muslim, then his is part and parcel of believeing in Islam.

There have now been so many instances of this being exposed in Europe. That it can be described as nothing less than an epidemic. And it is not something which can be simply changed! These teachings  come from within the very covers of the Quran itself. And these people we see are simply following through on the requirements made by the Quran as they see it.

More of this to come soon.


Convert from Islam attacked.

Convert From Islam Attacked At Speakers’ Corner

Speakers Corner in London city England has long been a location where people come to openly air their views and opinions. Everyone from Lenin to Marx has at one time or another used their opportunity to speak freely and openly about their beliefs. Free from the threat people or government.

Today however something at the Corner has changed. Gone are the times when people dealt with their disputes via verbal retorts. Now lively debate and argument has been swapped for physical altercations, intimidation and verbal abuse.

But it is not a phenonenon which is applicable to all interactions. No, because now we see numerous video examples and verbal testimony by those inattendance. That aggressive Muslim thugs are the ones who are perpretrating the crimes.

Time and time we see with our own eyes, evidence of organised and coordinated attacks on individuals. Who in some instances only bring up the topic of Islam. Only to have their person threatened both verbally and physically by said gangs.

Kurdish Convert from Islam Attacked

In the video we see here. A Kurdish man who is a convert from Islam is physically attacked by a Muslim man. When he states that Allah is a false prophet.

Now we can attest that far more offensive things have been said in relation to the Prophet at the Corner, as they have been about all religions. But, we have no doubt it is the very FACT, that this man has decided to leave, then criticise the ideaology. That, that inand of itself is the very reason this moves from words to physical violence.

For this apostate has taken it upon himself to renounce, then criticise his former religion is simply too much for practising Muslims to bare. For if this Kurdish man were to utter these words in a country run under Islamic law. He could be very well signing his own death sentence.

So we get some insight into how practising Muslims will act against those who leave the ideaology. And this type of aggression is taking place, not in a Muslim dominated area. But in the heart of the greatest city in Western Europe. At the very location where the very act of Free Speech has flourished for time and memorial. How will Speaker Corner look in five or ten years from now? When the local Muslim population has exploded in size as projected?