Muslims in Germany Don’t Want to Integrate

Muslims in Germany do not like the word integrate

A young woman who is a member of Muslim Youth Organisation known as “JUMA.” Speaks about how they, the Muslims, do not wish to integrate in he German society.

She says that this word “integration” is a very unpopular word with JUMMAH. Because for them, they do not have to integrate themselves anywhere! But ye, they are regularly confronted by this request for them to integate themselves. And that this constant asking to integrate is very exhausting for the young muslims.

This assumption that new muslims entering Germany would somehow integrate themselves into the population has now been blown out of the water. As the EU nation states are further put under pressure to take inmore and more refugees from the middle east. But now with the realisation that this population has no desire to become part of manistream society.

In fact, in many of the commnunities going out of their way in order to remain on the fringes. A location from which we have now seen many 2nd and 3rd generation muslims, born and bred in europe. Turn around and attack the nation in which they were raised.

So we have to ask ourselves. If the muslim population in Europe does not intend to integrate itself into european society. And the threat of radicalism continues to grow and spread it’s message throughout these marginalised communities. Where do we go from here?

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