HORRIFIC Undercover Footage From Inside a UK Mosque!

Mosque Undercover Shocking Footage From UK!

In some absolutely unbelieveable footage shot undercover in a UK mosque. We get to see and hear what is being taught under the very noses and next door to British citizens.

Right in the heart of England, young children are being indcotrinated to kill the non Muslim. To stone the adultress to death. And to look upon non Muslims as the devil.

These Mosques are breeding hate for people who do not follow the ideology. And making a mockery of both the British people, western values and culture. These people have been imported to the country enmasse. Then turn around and try to undermine the very democracy and nation state which opened the dor and allowed them in.

This woman goes on to say that whatever Allah loves, we must love. And whatever he hates, we must hate. And that this includes all non muslims. Especially when you are living in their country.

You Cannot be Friends with Them

To be friends with them is not allowed, she goes on to say. You can work with them but not be friends.

She goes on to say that this idea of us all being together is false. And does not work. That we are all part of humanity, this concept is a lie, it’s fake and it’s a farce.

This kind of teaching is taking place right under the noses of authorities. And the sad thing about it is that if you are a devout Muslim, then his is part and parcel of believeing in Islam.

There have now been so many instances of this being exposed in Europe. That it can be described as nothing less than an epidemic. And it is not something which can be simply changed! These teachingsĀ  come from within the very covers of the Quran itself. And these people we see are simply following through on the requirements made by the Quran as they see it.

More of this to come soon.

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