Convert From Islam Attacked At Speakers’ Corner

Speakers Corner in London city England has long been a location where people come to openly air their views and opinions. Everyone from Lenin to Marx has at one time or another used their opportunity to speak freely and openly about their beliefs. Free from the threat people or government.

Today however something at the Corner has changed. Gone are the times when people dealt with their disputes via verbal retorts. Now lively debate and argument has been swapped for physical altercations, intimidation and verbal abuse.

But it is not a phenonenon which is applicable to all interactions. No, because now we see numerous video examples and verbal testimony by those inattendance. That aggressive Muslim thugs are the ones who are perpretrating the crimes.

Time and time we see with our own eyes, evidence of organised and coordinated attacks on individuals. Who in some instances only bring up the topic of Islam. Only to have their person threatened both verbally and physically by said gangs.

Kurdish Convert from Islam Attacked

In the video we see here. A Kurdish man who is a convert from Islam is physically attacked by a Muslim man. When he states that Allah is a false prophet.

Now we can attest that far more offensive things have been said in relation to the Prophet at the Corner, as they have been about all religions. But, we have no doubt it is the very FACT, that this man has decided to leave, then criticise the ideaology. That, that inand of itself is the very reason this moves from words to physical violence.

For this apostate has taken it upon himself to renounce, then criticise his former religion is simply too much for practising Muslims to bare. For if this Kurdish man were to utter these words in a country run under Islamic law. He could be very well signing his own death sentence.

So we get some insight into how practising Muslims will act against those who leave the ideaology. And this type of aggression is taking place, not in a Muslim dominated area. But in the heart of the greatest city in Western Europe. At the very location where the very act of Free Speech has flourished for time and memorial. How will Speaker Corner look in five or ten years from now? When the local Muslim population has exploded in size as projected?