British Muslim Children Being Taught to Hate us – A must see!

British Muslim Children Being Taught to Hate Non Believers

Undercover footage recorded in an award winning private British Muslim school. Which opened the lid on hate preaching being taught to it’s students. The producers of the television programme managed to get one of their undercover people into the scholl as a volunteer.

The volunteer in question was allowed to sit in on certain classes, but not the Islamic teachings class. And so, the operative managed to sneak in a number of hidden cameras into the classroom before class began. Recording the actual lectures being given to the young students.

At one point we see a very young teacher, who it’s assumed is an older student at the school. Who is instructing the younger students about how they should interact with non Muslims. Who he refers to using the derogatory term Kuffar.

Throughout the programme we repeatedly see children being beaten and kicked by their teachers. Along with being reprimanded for not having Islamic enough hair cuts or appearance.

We hear from an expert on hate preaching who breaks down what excactly is being taught. But, we do not need someone to explain what you can hear with your very own ears.

British Muslim Children taught.Then later on in the programme, when the students return from their holidays. Are lectured to by a much older and experienced teacher. Who after their time away from the school informs them they need to fre themsleves from the Shaytan or Satan society. Stating that the Kuffar or non-Muslims have brought out many things. And these young impressionable students need to free themsleves from the slavery.

The teacher asks what he means by slavery and is replied to by a student who states “mind control.” This he says is the Kuffar’s way of enslaving these young children into the Western way of living.

Promoting Tolerence and Harmony

We find out that in it’s last  review by the British schools authority. The school received high praise for promoting tolerence and harmony in society. However, in just one of the examples we see. The teacher informs the students that they must “hate” the non muslim elements of the society they live in.

Visitors to the school have included The Lord Mayor, Chief Constable and several MP’s. Who have all praised the establishment!

However an expert on the topic states that Britain is on a path to full-scale social separation and segregation. And unless it is tackled right now, we will reap the whirlwind.

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