99.6% of asylum appeals from ‘chancers telling lies’ rejected by Seán Deegan

Asylum appeals Ireland 99.6% are ‘chancers telling lies’

Seán Deegan, the former barrister appointed by the department of Justice to sit on a tribunal dealing with asylum claims rejected 498 out of 500 asylum appeals because it was his belief that 498 of them were chancers who were telling lies and trying to game asylum system. “I would have dealt with, I’d say, about, probably, roughly in around 500 cases. I let in two people in six years.

Two ladies, one from Moldova and one from Nigeria. The majority of the cases were not refugees, within the meaning of the statute, or within the meaning of the United Nation’s declaration on refugees, that was quite obvious.” “It is clear that the majority of people were actually trafficked into this country and then that these people obviously had to have money to get this far. And one’s to surmise that the real refugees are left back at home.

Those who can’t afford to pay the trafficker.” Facts from the Segment. There were 4,300 in direct provision at the time in September 2016. 40% had deportation orders The state has paid €650 million between 2010-2015 to keep people in direct provision. It’s an industry. Denis Naughten, former Fine Gael integration and immigration spokesperson had this to say:

The failure of the government to overhaul the refugee appeals tribunal. And the asylum system in the country was funding the legal profession to the tune of €2.5 million through successful judicial reviews. The payment for judicial reviews was on top of another €1.2 million paid directly to lawyers who worked directly for the tribunal. He said the refugee appeals system has become a cash cow for the legal profession. And needs to be overhauled. Broadcast 21/September/2016 RTÉ Liveline.